Well Pet Visits: Preventive Pet Medicine

Our goal at CareFirst Animal Hospital is to keep your pet happy and healthy their entire life. We are here to partner with you in the care and treatment of your pet. This is accomplished by seeing your pet not only when they are sick, but also when they are well. Wellness care involves two checkups a year: one visit every six months.

Proper Preventive Medicine is an ongoing process, but by following these basic steps, it can become a habit that will reward both you and your pet for years to come.


Photo of Dr. Strunck examining a dog during a routine wellness checkup

Physical Exams

During a twice-yearly routine physical, we will examine your pet’s overall health. This includes a nose-to-tail evaluation of your pet’s:

  • Skin, hair, paws, eyes and teeth
  • Chest, abdomen, lymph nodes, bones and joints
  • Any specific problems or concerns, including a more focused or diagnostic evaluation

Preventive Medication & Immunization

There are medications and immunizations to protect your pet from:

During your pet’s semi-annual visits, we will identify any risk factors for your pet and recommend the appropriate preventive medications, if required.

Photo of a CareFirst Animal Hospital Tech reading test results from a diagnostics machine

Early Disease Identification

Blood testing and sample evaluations allow us to assess your pet’s health beyond what we can see, feel, and hear during routine wellness check-ups. Our veterinarians recommend annual wellness blood testing to allow us to look inside your pet. We make sure major organs are functioning optimally. The earlier a problem is detected, the more likely veterinary intervention will be successful.

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Pet Hygiene

Routine brushing, bathing, tooth care, and nail trimming are great ways to keep your pet clean and healthy. By maintaining your pet in a clean environment, we can prevent unnecessary skin and ear infections.

Here’s a list of basic hygiene practices necessary for dogs and cats.

Photo close-up of a puppy receiving a nail trim

Assuring your pet’s hair coat is brushed and free of debris, the ears are regularly checked and cleaned, and the nails are properly trimmed, are all components in providing the best life possible for your pet.

We are available to assist you with all aspects of basic hygiene for your pets. Save your bathroom and your back!

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Pet Nutrition

A pet’s health is determined largely by the foods that go into his or her body. If you follow your veterinarian’s suggestions for a proper diet and the best nutrition for your pet dog or cat, you’ll avoid many medical bills later in your pet’s life.

Photo of two young dogs playing together

Young pets need lots of exercise—and rest.

When feeding time arrives, young pets are hungry and eat the portion that you’ve put out. But as pets age, they sleep more than they run, and sit more than they jump. As pets age, they don’t require as much food (or as many calories), but they still need proper nutrition, vitamins and minerals.

Besides visiting with your pet’s doctor about routine checkups and proper diet, you’ll especially want to check with us to make sure your pet is getting the correct amount of food to avoid the problems that come from obesity in pets. Preventing obesity is essential to a long life. Pets can be fed once or twice daily. Based on your pet’s history, size, and weight, we can suggest which food and how much food (including how many treats!) is right for your pet.

We can also recommend supplements to balance your pet’s dietary requirements.

We can even create a special diet plan for dogs and cats with allergies, weight issues, or other dietary restrictions.

Note: always remember to transition into a new food over two weeks. Gradually adding in the new food and removing the old will ensure that there are no upset tummies during the change.

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Download our Care Guide “The Role of Nutrition throughout Various Life Stages” for more information about pet nutrition.