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Care First Animal Hospital Reviews from Across the Triangle

If you are looking for an animal hospital that provides exceptional care, no matter the service, you’ve come to the right place. The staff and veterinarians at Care First Animal Hospital genuinely care about you and your pet, and want to foster a happy, healthy relationship. Our customers across the Triangle would agree — no one cares more than the team at Care First.

Take a minute to read our Raleigh, NC veterinarian testimonials from pet owners who have visited our locations, watch our Tails of Success video and contact us when your pet is in need of medical attention or pet care services.

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Triangle Veterinarian Reviews

Oberlin Patients

I would recommend Care First Animal Hospital to friends and to strangers
because I know they care so much about animals because they have taken
excellent care of both of my dogs. I was in Burlington on Mother’s Day when
my dog was attacked, and all I could get was answering services. I was so
confident in the care he would receive here that I put him in the back of
my car and I just drove like a madman until I got here and they were
waiting for me when I arrived. Care First Animal Hospital is family to me.
-Maurice (Fred)

Creasy is alive because of the doctors here at Care First. She was very, very sick and
because of all the rest of the staff here, she’s alive today and we thank them.
She’s very special to us, and so is Care First Animal Hospital. We would
never go anywhere else.
-Anna (Creasy)

We’ve been coming here for about seven years, and we feel like they’re our family.
Ruby got very, very sick and had to have surgery. We get excellent care here,
and also they hold your hand through some tough times. It’s really a
wonderful place.
-Linda (Ruby and Harley)

Glenwood Patients

April has been having acupuncture for about six months now with Dr. Mhoon, and we’ve
seen an incredible difference. We have taken her off of her medication for pain
and arthritis, and she’s very active. There are no drugs, no side effects, and
currently the only thing she’s taking is vitamins for her flexibility. And
she’s able to run and jump for a dog who really only has three legs and
is a little overweight, we’re just thrilled with the progress.
-Gary and Robin (April)

Radar was having a lot of difficulty getting up and moving on hardwood floors.
He was falling a lot and just didn’t have any stability. And we started
acupuncture, I think it was like four times within the first month and then we
went about every two weeks. And we noticed since we’ve been doing this, the
first time there was improvement — about a week later he was up moving better.
And after about the last treatment, he was where he could actually pull on a
leash and you could actually feel that he was digging in, which he couldn’t do.
His quality of life’s up, and he gets to go outside and move around, so we’re
pretty pleased with it.
-Tom (Radar)

Dr. Riego is the best. It was late in the evening, and she promised she would
call me with an update. She called on her way home. I always trust her to do
what is best for my girls. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
-Helen M. (Lily and Murphy)

Since 1988, Care First Animal Hospital has proudly served pets and their families in Raleigh, NC and the Triangle area from our locations at OberlinGlenwood, and Tryon.