Bethany Riego, DVM
North Carolina State University

About Dr. Riego

Dr. Bethany Riego first joined our practice as a veterinary technician while attending North Carolina State University for undergraduate school. The eternal optimist both on the court and off the court of veterinary medicine, Dr. Bethany embodies a sweet heart and kind spirit. Both are evident in her ever youthful appearance.

Dr. Riego’s achievements and meaningful experience landed her a spot at the prestigious North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine, and she immediately joined our practice upon graduation. Her veterinary medicine passions include soft tissue surgery, internal medicine, and ophthalmology.

Teaching pet owners how to create health, happiness, and longevity for their beloved pet family members is another passion of Dr. Riego’s, and she recommends these sites for client education:

  • https://www.avma.or/public/PetCare/Pages/default.aspx

Lead by her sweet heart and kind spirit, Dr. Riego’s desire to positively impact pets, families, and communities enabled her to choose veterinary medicine as a lifelong profession.

When asked about some of her most memorable pet doc stories, Dr. Riego flashes her bright smile as she recalls a snake surgery she performed in vet school. Obviously a far-sighted snake, he ate a golf ball thinking it was an egg.

Dr. Riego also recalls an orphan dog that needed orthopedic surgery to correct a hip abnormality. Upon comprehensive pre-surgical examination, Dr. Riego carefully noted “gut sounds” in her chest. State-of-the-art digital X-Ray revealed a diaphragmatic hernia which resulted in her liver, part of her stomach, and some of her intestines being displaced in her chest. Together with her highly skilled surgical team, the liver was carefully detached from the outer layer of the heart. The patient responded well and was able to undergo orthopedic surgery after recovery. She was later very happily adopted by her forever family.

Our clients may enjoy knowing that Dr. Riego enjoys traveling and doing things outside, especially all things related to water, camping, hiking, kayaking, and biking. In particular, she enjoys sharing those experiences with friends and family. For quiet time, Dr. Riego enjoys reading, gardening, coffee, and cooking and baking. Her calm demeanor masks the undercurrent of an adrenaline junkie that surprisingly enjoys skydiving, parasailing, whitewater rafting, jet skiing, and etc. (obviously leaving herself open for future heart racing adventures). Furthermore, her kind “mommy heart” propels her love of teaching children and young adults about veterinary medicine. This makes her an ideal choice for the next winner of “Shadow The Vet For The Day,” an auction item Care First Animal Hospital frequently donates to local fundraisers. Find Dr. Bethany Riego at Care First Animal Hospital at Glenwood 919-783-7387.

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