Kasey Godden, DVM, MPH
The Ohio State University
Associate Veterinarian
1 Year of Practice

About Dr. Godden

Dr. Kasey Godden came to Care First after receiving her bachelors in animal nutrition, masters in veterinary public health and doctorate all at Ohio State. She knew she wanted to be a vet since she was around 7 years old. Growing up, she had a border collie named Bones and bonded with him so tightly that she knew she wanted to spend her life helping animals just like him. Bones was Dr. Godden’s 4H project, agility partner and side-kick for 16 great years.


One of her favorite memories from being a vet student at Ohio State was when the Ohio State Orthopedics Department would frequently perform surgery on cheetahs with limb deformities. Dr. Godden loved seeing those beautiful creatures up close!


Currently, Dr. Godden has 4 pets: Zoe (chihuahua/beagle mix), Colt (border collie), Ryder (golden retriever), and Clifford (domestic long hair cat)!


In her spare time, Dr. Godden spends a lot of time outdoors with her pets hiking and swimming at lakes. She also makes string art in her spare time and had an etsy.com shop through vet school called Woodland Lane!


One link that Dr. Godden suggests pet parents check out is: https://indoorpet.osu.edu/catsThis link has the Indoor Pet Initiative. There is a ton of great information regarding how to keep indoor cats happy and healthy (including common stressors, how to deal with some behavioral issues, and enrichment options). A great link for all those with cats!

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