Sarah McConnell, DVM
North Carolina State University

About Dr. McConnell

Dr. Sarah joined us as the lead veterinarian at Care First Animal Hospital on Tryon. Her passion for dentistry inspired us to up-fit the practice with a state-of-the-art dentistry area as well as offer digital X-rays. As a veterinarian with a special interest in nutrition, Dr. Sarah served on our Nutrition Advisory Committee, and has been instrumental in keeping our veterinarians current on the best options for pet nutrition. Dr. Sarah also has a fondness for animal behavior, and we look forward to offering Family Pet Dog Training at the Tryon location in the future. In the meantime, that need can be met at our other Care First Animal Hospital facilities. Care First Animal Hospital on Tryon offers Doggie Daycamp that serves our patients well for socialization as well as exercise.

Dr. Sarah McConnell received her BS in Animal Science and MS in Crop Science from NC State University. Dr. Sarah and her husband, George enjoy a menagerie of pets including a hound mix, Khandi, a Chihuahua, Princessa, an American Stafforshire Terrier, Jozy, a cat, Nicki Meownaj and another cat, Dexter Morgan.

When she is not attending to her clients and patients, Dr. Sarah enjoys spending time cooking, reading, creative writing, traveling, and camping and hiking. She has amazing stories to tell about her adventures in South America. In addition to being compassionate about animals, Dr. Sarah has a soft spot for the welfare of young people in developing countries.

When asked about some of her most memorable veterinary experiences, she refers to Cocoa, a puppy, and says, “Some pets are very memorable, even if the circumstances are tragic.” Cocoa was a 6 month old puppy that came to her one morning in the arms of an Animal Control Officer. She had been found at a residence after being doused with kerosene and set on fire in an act of revenge and terror on a woman and her child. The woman had no money to treat Cocoa, so the Lieutenant sponsored her care for the first 24 hours. She was very badly burned, and our hearts broke for her, knowing what the struggle that lay ahead for her. Within 24 hours of her arrival, she was featured on the news, and over $5,000.00 was raised to sponsor her care. Dr. Sarah realized she needed to be transferred to a 24-hour care facility, so Dr. Sarah brought her to Raleigh to Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care, just inside the 440 beltline off Glenwood and Vick Avenue. Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care offered to take over her care and continue the fundraising needed. Sadly, Cocoa’s wounds proved to be too severe for her little body, and she was humanely euthanized when her pain became uncontrollable. Dr. Sarah was incredibly humbled by how much love and support came together for this little soul and was very proud of her profession and how many Veterinarians and staff donated their time and resources to help Cocoa.

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