Boarding Request Form – Oberlin

*We will provide your pet with clean bedding and towels. Toys will only be offered during individualized play sessions.

Your signature to the following on this policies form indicates which constitute your understanding our Standard of Care:


I understand the staff will do their best to ensure the safe return of all items brought in at the time of boarding, but will not be held responsible if they are damaged, misplaced, or lost. We ask you to please limit to two items. Dog and cat beds are appropriate to bring with your pet but can easily be soiled. We provide blankets and towels. 

Vaccine/parasite policy: 

I understand that in order for my pet to board and for the safety of our staff, he/she must be current on rabies, distemper (and kennel cough – dogs only) annual fecal examination and free from external parasites. (If my pet is not current, or current records are unavailable, I understand that they will be examined and the appropriate vaccines and parasite treatment will be given while boarding.) The examination, vaccines, and/or parasite treatment will be in addition to all other charges. 

Exercise Policy: 

I understand that all dogs are walked 3-4 times every day and I release Care First Animal Hospital from any liability.


In case of an emergency, I authorize Care First Animal Hospital to perform necessary procedures on my pet.

  • If you selected “YES” we will contact you immediately to update you with your pet’s health status.
  • If you selected “NO” we will contact you prior to treating your pet. I understand by choosing “NO” that I may be compromising the health of my pet.