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Training Talk: Why Does My Dog Do That?

Mary answers some of the most common questions she gets as a dog trainer. My dog barks at everything!  Why and how can I stop it? Dogs bark for many reasons:  to alert us of a stranger, to odd noises, and out of boredom.  Most problematic dog barking is due to boredom or loneliness.  Some …


Training Talk: Reading Your Dog’s Mind

As a trainer I have learned that as much as we want to think our dogs understand our every word, they simply don’t. It is our goal to teach our dogs our language.  Be it English, Spanish, or Portuguese, we need to teach it to them word by word. Dogs come with their own language: …


Training Tips: Introducing Dogs Safely

Sue Kocher, dog trainer at our Care First Animal Hospital at Grace Park location, guest writes an article on introducing dogs safely.  Not everyone has a dog that loves other dogs, wants to play with them, and has excellent manners. Many of us have dogs that are over-exuberant (read: obnoxious) , nervous (read: snappish), or …


Our playful, precocious and sometimes persnickety pups

I get a lot of calls about dog behavior. Comments include: my dog barks at me, my dog goes outside FOREVER and then comes in and poops, my dog bites his leash, my dog wants to eat the mailman, my dog jumps on people coming in the door, my dog ATE the mailman…the list goes …


Separation Anxiety: Treatments and Training Overview

Mary reviews separation anxiety, a disease that is both perplexing and frustrating as a dog owner. Separation anxiety has different symptoms and causes. Symptoms can range from mild whining or barking when you leave to an all out disaster zone in your living room with crates and doors destroyed and your dog injured and anxious. Some …


Training Talk: Can Old Dogs Learn New Tricks?

Of Course They Can! Mary discusses several ways older dogs can learn better behaviors and tricks and some ways to encourage play with your older dog. We have covered puppy training in different articles so now let’s look at our older dogs. A dog can be taught whether they are 8 months old or 10 …