Health Certificates for Domestic & International Travel

We know that your pet is part of your family and therefore they may need to travel with you. Traveling across state and country lines requires a health certificate. Depending on the state and/or country the health certificate can take several months to acquire as well as a lot of paperwork. A health certificate is an official document that your pet has been examined and by a USDA-accredited veterinarian and is healthy for travel and free of parasites.

At Care First, we have several USDA-Accredited veterinarians at each of our locations that can assist with obtaining a health certificate. In addition to a health certificate, it is important to check with your airline in advance to see if they require any additional documentation.

To help ensure safe travels and appropriate documentation we ask that you please follow the steps below:

1.       Familiarize yourself with the requirements for where you are traveling using the information below. Doing so will enable you to know when to complete the next steps.

2.       If your pet is not a current client at one of our three locations please have all medical records sent to the office of your choice a week in advance. (While we encourage you to visit any of our locations at any point it is important for this process that one location only completes the health certificate)If you are not a current client give the office a call so that they will expect the medical records.

3.       Please fill out the appropriate domestic or international questionnaire and a customer service technician will be in contact within 48 business hours.


Each state has their own requirements for bringing your pet across borderlines. If traveling outside the continental United States (such as Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico) a lengthier process may be required. Please follow this link to familiarize yourself with the requirements for the state you are traveling to.

After reviewing the states requirements for travel please fill out this form and a customer service technician will be in touch within 24-48 hours to schedule your appointment to obtain a domestic health certificate.


PLEASE NOTE: Preparing to travel to certain countries or islands can take months of preparation.

Every country has their own requirements for bringing a pet that are complicated and time-sensitive. It is important to review the website below to determine what will be required to travel safely with your pet. Health Certificates need to be certified by the USDA APHIS Veterinary Services and mailed to Albany, NY and returned within a specific time frame so special consideration of weekends and holidays are important.

Important Things to Note:

  • A rabies certificate is REQUIRED for any rabies vaccination listed on the health certificate
  • Remember to check with your airline to find out if they require any other documentation
  • Health Certificates are time-sensitive and if done incorrectly can lead to an extended quarantine upon arrival at your destination
  • Countries requiring further testing, including but not limited to, titer testing, internal/external parasite screening will be done at the owner’s expense.
  • Remember to research what you will need to RETURN HOME.

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