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Sick Pet Services

Is your pet feeling sick?

The talented and nurturing veterinarians at Care First Animal Hospital are passionate about providing exceptional care for your pet, whether your furry friend is in perfect health or feeling a little under the weather.

Our services are quick, yet thorough so that you can spend less time worrying about underlying causes of your pet’s ailment and more time focusing on recovery. We’re proud to possess an in-house laboratory for a quick turnaround time on services such as fecal testing and blood work for all patients.

Sick Pet Services We Offer

  • Same-Day Sick Pet Visits – Does your pet not seem like themselves? Bring them in the same day for a visit and we’ll diagnose the problem. We keep appointment slots open throughout the day so you can call and bring your pet in to be seen as soon as possible.
  • Diagnostic Medicine – We offer a variety of diagnostic medicine, including allergy testing, radiology, endoscopy and more.
  • Ultrasounds / Digital X-Rays – We use ultrasound technology to generate images of abdominal organs and internal bone structures to take a look inside and see what is causing your pet’s symptoms.

Bring Your Sick Pet into One of Our Convenient Locations

When you bring your pet into one of our three locations at OberlinGlenwood, or Tryon, you’ll experience customer service and veterinary care second to none. If your pet seems under the weather, give us a call today, and our team will work with you to diagnose and treat whatever may be ailing them.

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