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Keeping Your Dog Cool In The Summer

Summer has been in full swing and these temperatures are high! With such hot weather outside, how can you enjoy it with your dog? Keeping your dog cool in the summer is very important. So, let’s take a look at a few ways you can keep your pup cool all summer long and keep them safe!


When it comes to hot weather, I think we can all agree that plenty of water is key.

Unlike humans, dogs do not sweat through their skin. They regulate their temperature through panting mainly, and less so through sweat from their paw pads. So, if you’re spending time out in the heat with your dog, make sure they have access to fresh, cool water or that you have a collapsable water bowl and a bottle of water for them. Some dogs love ice, so having ice cubes or crushed ice in the water can be another way to keep your dog cool as a cucumber.


If you’re spending time outside with your dog and it’s hot, provide them with a raised bed. Traditional dog beds aren’t breathable nor do they allow air to pass through the bed and under your dog. You may also want to put a fan in front of their bed, depending on how hot it is.

Water Activities

If you and your dog are itching to get out and go do something in the heat, try swimming! Swimming is a great way for your dog to exercise and cool off. Just make sure to stay alert for blue-green algae (avoid swimming there if you see this!) and don’t allow consumption of stand-still or salt water! If your dog does have access to natural water sources, make sure you ask your vet about the Leptospirosis vaccine. If you can’t go anywhere to swim, grab a small kiddie pool from the store and have a little stay-cation with your dog!

DON’T Shave Fur

A common misconception is that a dog with an undercoat or especially fluffy fur needs to be shaved. This just isn’t true. Think of your dog’s fur as an insulator. When it’s cold, their fur holds in their body heat, and when it’s hot, it blocks out the sun. By removing their fur, you are allowing the heat direct access to their body which can end up making things worse.

Keep The Walks Short

Depending on what breed of dog you have, you may want to keep the walks extra short when it’s hot. Take a French bulldog, for example. If you walk a mile in weather that’s 95º, you might end up having to carry them back to prevent overheating. The best advice we can give is to pay attention to your dog. You’ll be able to tell what they can handle. Look out for excessive panting, lying down, vomiting, or stumbling.

Stay Indoors

At the end of the day, sometimes it’s just too hot to be outside with your dog. Instead, you can play inside, do some treat puzzles, or even create an indoor agility course with chairs and collapsable tubes! At Care First Animal Hospital, we have a great play facility for all pups to play all day long with plenty of water stations to keep cool.

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