Community Service

SPCA Recognized Care First As A Volunteer Organization of the Year 

Care First Animal Hospital, acknowledged as a Volunteer Organization of the Year by the SPCA of Wake County, stands as a beacon of compassionate veterinary care in our community. Our enduring partnership with the SPCA reflects our commitment to serving not just pets, but the entire pet-loving community.

In 2023 alone, we proudly contributed over $350,000 in veterinary services to the SPCA, underscoring our dedication to animal welfare. From routine preventive care to urgent sick pet visits, our services extend beyond mere treatment to ensure the well-being of our beloved animal companions.

Equipped with state-of-the-art surgical and diagnostic technologies, our facility guarantees optimal care for every furry family member. Our team, led by Dr. Joe Gordon, exemplifies our ethos of service and compassion.

Our involvement with the SPCA extends beyond veterinary services. Dr. Joe Gordon, as President of the SPCA Board of Directors, spearheaded initiatives such as the spay/neuter voucher program, aimed at curbing pet overpopulation in Wake County and the capital campaign to build the Curtis Dail Adoption Center. 

Care First Serves Second Chance Pet Adoptions Since 1980”s 

Moreover, our longstanding partnership with Second Chance Pet Adoptions underscores our commitment to finding forever homes for pets in need. Since the 1980s, we've worked tirelessly alongside dedicated volunteers to provide medical care and support for homeless animals, ensuring they find loving families.

Mentoring the Next Generation of Veterinarians

Walk into Care First Animal Hospital at sunrise on certain Sunday mornings, and you will find Dr. Page Wages mentoring a dozen or so veterinary students spaying and neutering for Second Chance Pet Adoptions. Because Care First was the first in the area to offer laparoscopic surgery, for several years, this was the way NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine students received training in laparoscopic surgery. 

At Care First Animal Hospital, you may encounter veterinary school students from all over the world that come to study under our veterinarians through our Veterinary Extern Program that even provides complimentary housing within walking distance of our Care First Animal Hospital at Oberlin location.

Care First Serves Guiding Eyes Puppy Raising Program

Our dedication extends to initiatives like the Guiding Eyes Puppy Raising Program, where we provide essential veterinary care to fostered puppies destined for a noble cause.

Service to NC State Univ and NC State College of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Joe Gordon supported NCSU through his service on the Alumni Board of Directors as well as the Foundation for the NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine.  A committee on which he served obtained funding to build the new small animal hospital for the vet school. 

While Student Body President of NCSU, Joe initiated a plan to develop the Wolfline bus system that is the most widely used bus system utilized by NCSU students. 

Care First Leadership in Christian Veterinary Mission

Beyond our community, Dr. Page Wages leads Christian Veterinary Mission trips, offering vital veterinary services to underserved communities across the country. Her selfless efforts have made a profound impact, transforming lives and communities.


Youngest Veterinarian to Serve NC Veterinary Medical Board

Dr. Joe Gordon's contributions extend to the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board, where he served as the youngest veterinarian ever appointed. His leadership has been instrumental in shaping veterinary practices and policies statewide. 

Dr. Joe currently serves on the Board of Health and Human Services, and his wife, Debbie serves on the SPCA Board of Trustees and the Board of Trustees for a local independent school.

Gordon Farm to Philanthropy Endowment

At Care First Animal Hospital, our commitment to service goes beyond veterinary care. Through initiatives like the Gordon Farm to Philanthropy Endowment, we strive to make education accessible to rural students and enable them to graduate debt free ensuring they have the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

De Teague, of NCSU College of Agriculture and Life Sciences says, “Over 640 students from 2013-2023 that were not admitted to NC State were given a second chance and enrolled in CALS the following spring through the Gordon Farm to Philanthropy Endowment.  They have graduated more quickly than their peers, with higher grade point averages, and have proven to be some of the best students during their undergraduate years.”  In addition, Teague states, “The concept of Spring Connection to give applicants a second chance of admissions has been adopted by all but two colleges within NCSU, within other universities throughout the UNC System, as well as other universities throughout the United States.” 

It Begins With Caring…  Every Client, Every Patient, Every Time

From hosting community service shows to conducting rabies clinics, our dedication to our community knows no bounds. At Care First Animal Hospital, It Begins With Caring…  Every Client, Every Patient, Every Time.