Geriatric Care For Pets

With advancements in the medical field, it’s quite common that pets stay with their families for more than 10 years. As your pet ages, it is important that they receive the level of medical care that they need, even if they appear to be perfectly healthy. Through regular wellness exams, diagnostic medicine and more, the team at Care First Animal Hospital provides exceptional geriatric medicine in Cary, NC and the Triangle area for aging pets.

How To Care For Aging Dogs, Cats & Other Pets

If you are wondering how to keep your pet healthy in its old age, Care First is here to help. Our veterinarians provide the following pet health services for aging pets in Cary and beyond:

  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Comprehensive blood panels
  • Complete urinalysis
  • Chest X-rays
  • Abdominal X-rays
  • Vaccinations
  • Nutrition
  • Dental care

We encourage you to visit our Cary animal hospital twice a year for routine exams, as it’s the best way to detect health problems early on and potentially save your pet’s life. While our vets do everything we can to keep your pet healthy as they age through preventive health programs and more, we also provide end of life care when it is time to say goodbye to a suffering pet.