Acupuncture is the ancient Chinese practice of placing sterile needles in specific points to bring about physiological changes in the body. This practice has been used for thousands of years to treat many ailments.

What Is Veterinary Acupuncture?

PPP-acupunctureVeterinary acupuncture is performed the same as it would be on a human. This technique is used to treat a variety of health problems in animals, including:

  • Neurological disorders
  • Orthopedic patients
  • Geriatric patients
  • Musculoskeletal problems
  • Arthritis
  • Nerve injuries
  • Gastrointestinal problems

In addition, if you have a pet that is a competitive athlete, acupuncture can be used to treat and prevent injury. By using acupuncture on a regular basis, your pet can increase their mobility and performance in their sport.

How Does Veterinary Acupuncture Work?

acupunctureAcupuncture works by finding specific points in the body that link to the nervous system and stimulating them with tiny needles. By stimulating these points, there will be specific changes in the nervous system. These changes help the body heal itself by causing certain, positive, physiological changes.

Is Acupuncture Painful For My Pet?

Since the needles used in acupuncture are so small, pets will feel virtually no pain at all, though this may vary on the size of the animal. However, once the needles are through their skin, they will not feel any pain. Most pets will feel relaxed once the insertion is finished, though needles in certain areas will cause some discomfort to certain pets.

Is Acupuncture Safe For Animals?

acupunctureAcupuncture is one of the safest forms of treatment for pets when it is performed by a certified veterinary acupuncturist. There are little to no side effects to acupuncture – most commonly, an animal may seem sleepy for up to 48 hours after treatment. This just means that the physiological changes described above are taking place, and that after a few days, the animal will improve their energy level and pain will be decreased.

What about Dry Needling? 

Dr. Barbara Butler is also trained in dry needling.  Dry needling targets specific trigger points within the muscle, and the needles must be inserted into the muscle multiple times to break up the trigger point; whereas acupuncture needles are inserted into the acupoints, which are not as deep as the muscle trigger points.  Because dry needling can be significantly more uncomfortable for your pet, this procedure is generally done while your pet is sedated.  

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