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Microchip: A Life Saving Chip

Dr. Traficanti at Grace Park with her dog, LadyDr. Jennifer Traficanti, a veterinarian at our Grace Park location, reviews the importance of microchipping your pet.

At Care First Animal Hospital we are dedicated to keeping your pet as safe and healthy as possible.

Many times that is best accomplished with preventive measures such as vaccines, bloodwork, dental cleanings, and microchipping.  Microchipping your pet is essential to ensuring that your pet can be properly identified in the event that they are lost.

HomeAgain Microchip Service estimates that 1 of out every 3 dogs will be lost at some point in their lives.  Without proper identification, 90% of those pets are heartbreakingly not returned to their owners.  Microchips utilize a radio frequency to store and transmit an identification number specific to a one of our companions.  When that chip is scanned, a pet’s microchip identification number is displayed.  That number is then used by Care First Animal Hospital customer service technicians to be matched against a database of pet identification numbers linked with registered owner information.  The microchip scanners used at Care First Animal Hospital are able to recognize all the possible radio frequencies used in these chips, even those that link us to our furry friends abroad.

Microchipping your pet is a safe and relatively painless way to ensure that they can be readily identified.

A needle a little larger than that used for vaccines is put under the skin in the area in between the shoulders and the chip is implanted under the skin.  This is something that can be done at any time during your pet’s visits.

Scanning for a microchip Dr Ryan Thames

Dr. Thames scans a dog for a microchip at the SPCA 3K

At Care First Animal Hospital we recommend that all dogs and cats be microchipped.  In addition to microchipping your pet it is also essential that they have other identification.  Raleigh and Cary both require every pet over 4 months of age be licensed annually.  This is a minimal fee for animals that have been spayed or neutered.  Morrisville doesn’t currently have any licensing requirements.  However, regardless of the town or city you hail from, we strongly recommend that you have an identification tag on all animals.  Good information to have on the information tags include: your pet’s name, any pertinent medical conditions, your name and address.

At Care First Animal Hospital, we recommend using the HomeAgain Microchips.  Ask us today how your pet can receive a lifetime of protection with a microchip!

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