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Sep. 2010 – Triumph-Tales of Life

Cosmo Tutt was a happy-go-lucky Beagle without a care in the world and a relatively uneventful health history until April of this year. That is when his owners noticed that he had enlarged lymph nodes on his neck. They also noticed that he had become more lethargic than usual, so they brought him in to Care First Animal Hospital and saw Dr. Gordon. After examining Cosmo, Dr. Gordon agreed that Cosmo had enlarged submandibular and prescapular (meaning underneath his jaw and in front of his shoulders) lymph nodes.

Dr. Gordon did a fine needle aspirate of the lymph nodes, which revealed cells that appeared to be cancerous. He sent the samples to a lab, where it was confirmed that Cosmo did indeed have Lymphoma.

Of all the canine cancers to have, Lymphoma is one of the more treatable, and Dr. Gordon felt that Cosmo would have a positive outcome by following the Madison Wisconsin Protocol for Lymphoma treatment. This treatment entails using chemotherapy drugs in conjunction with Prednisone, a steroid, to put Cosmo into remission.

Cosmo’s parents agreed to the protocol and began treatment on April 14th, 2010. Cosmo did fantastic throughout his first week of treatment, and by his next treatment on April 28th, his lymph nodes were already back to their normal size! Cosmo continues to come in weekly for chemotherapy treatment.

Cosmo’s parents wanted to add this about Cosmo: “his outgoing nature has remained strong as evidenced by his Saturday morning “howl and run” with Wendy. He enjoys the dual-workout of his cardio-vascular system along with his squirrel tracking radar. He has retained all of his beagle powers and continues to enjoy life with the family. He is doing very well and we believe he will be around for years to harass any small woodland creatures who dare disturb the beagle sanctuary that is our home. Thanks for all your efforts at Care First Animal Hospital at Oberlin and Dr. Gordon’s veterinary care.”

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