Veterinarian Employment Across the Triangle at Care First Animal Hospital

Are you looking for a fun place to work that values a positive work environment and continuing improvement? Care First Animal Hospital offers a variety of veterinarian jobs in Raleigh, NC and throughout the Triangle. If you are interested in any of our positions, please read through the descriptions listed below and contact us with your questions.

Job Descriptions for Our Raleigh Vet Careers

For more details concerning any of our available Raleigh vet employment positions, please reach out to us at one of our locations. At that time, we will provide you with information on how to apply. We look forward to speaking with you about a potential vet career at Care First!


Our veterinarians are leaders and professionals who have a strong belief in exceptional service, a desire and commitment to educate our clients on how to best care for their pets, and a passionate pursuit for medical excellence. They complete tasks such as diagnose, treat and control animal injuries, dysfunctions and diseases, perform surgeries, prescribe medications, etc.

Customer Service Technician

Customer service technicians (CST) have a strong inclination for customer service, client education, and a passionate pursuit for medical excellence. In addition to interacting with clients in a professional manner, scheduling to maximum efficiency and communicating effectively, CSTs must also assist in basic veterinary medical services.

Animal Care Technician

An animal care technician (ACT) has the primary responsibility of ensuring the comfort, cleanliness and enjoyment of our boarding guests through compassionate animal handling, feeding, watering, exercising and maintaining a clean boarding environment. ACTs are also expected to monitor and record behavioral changes in pets, as well as share in the weekend and holiday duties for our boarded guests.

Pet Trainer

Our pet trainers are experienced in humane training methods that are beneficial to the pets and their family. In addition to being well-versed in the history and science of how dogs learn, our trainers provide a great deal of interaction and empathy when working with both pets and humans. Care First provides pet training classes for puppies, special tricks, advanced obedience and behaviorally challenged pets.

Pet Groomer

Pet groomers’ responsibilities go far beyond brushing and bathing, as they have the unique advantage of seeing the health and care of our patients up close. Groomers are responsible for ensuring that clients and patients receive excellent care, and that the services are provided in a timely manner through teamwork and friendly interactions.

Pet Sitter

Our pet sitters are trustworthy, able to provide basic care for pets, and have a genuine love for animals with concern for their health, happiness and well-being. Care First relies on our sitters to inform the doctors, pet sitting coordinator and owners of any concerns they may have regarding the pet or the homes in their care. Out pet sitters are comfortable providing basic care for dogs, cats and other exotic species.

Medical Records Transcriptionist

Transcriptionists working at Care First play a crucial role in the accurate communication of medical information regarding our patients. They have great attitudes and fine attention to detail, as well as being proficient in typing and having a good understanding of basic and advanced medical terminology.

Hospital Maintenance Engineer

Hospital maintenance engineers are responsible for maintaining a clean and orderly environment for our clients and their pets. This is completed by cleaning all areas of the hospital, such as floors, exam rooms and treatment areas, after business hours.

Crematorium Manager

The crematorium manager is responsible to care for the remains of our client’s beloved companion after their life has come to an end. Respect for these cherished companions is evident through the integrity and dignity in which they are cremated. Empathy toward all whom have lost a pet and reverence toward the lost companion are shown in their professional communications and actions.

Care First Animal Hospital offers veterinary jobs in Raleigh, NC and the Triangle at our Oberlin, Glenwood, and Tryon locations.