Tori Consol, DVM
University of Glasgow

About Dr. Consol

Dr. Tori Consol studied animal science during undergrad at North Carolina State University. After which she moved across the pond to Glasgow, Scotland to attend the University of Glasgow for veterinary medicine.

During her time at NCSU, Dr. Consol started working at Care First as an Animal Care Technician and then became a Customer Service Technician. Being a technician only solidified her desire to be a veterinarian, which she had known since she was 8 years old. That is when she had finally convinced her parents to let her adopt a kitty from the shelter. Her name was Kippy, and unfortunately, she passed away only a week after Dr. Consol had brought her home, likely from Feline Leukemia. This experience while heart-breaking at the time led her down the path to becoming a vet.

Dr. Consol chose to come back to Raleigh and work at Care First Animal Hospital because she knew the veterinarians and staff were excellent and knew it would be the perfect place to foster her development as a new veterinarian.

Because the practice is so versatile she is especially excited to explore her areas of interest more including:

  • Surgery
  • Imaging
  • Dermatology

At home, Dr. Consol has 2 cats. Jaffa is a 6-year-old black cat that she adopted from Care First when she first started here, and Jammie a 12-year-old orange tabby. When she’s not at work she enjoys exploring the North Carolina Mountains via hiking and climbing. On days when that isn’t possible, she is also perfectly content staying home and trying out new cooking and baking recipes for her friends and family to try.

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