Dr. Jacquelyn Fullford

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Jack Fullford, a compassionate veterinarian with a heart as warm as her hometown of Sarasota, Florida, has always felt a deep connection to the well-being of animals. Growing up amidst the beautiful landscapes of the Gulf Coast, Dr. Jack's love for animals flourished, shaping the path for her future as a dedicated healer.

Jack pursued her undergraduate studies at the renowned The Ohio State University, where she developed a strong foundation in animal sciences. Eager to broaden her horizons, she ventured to Colorado State University to earn her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree. This educational journey equipped her with a diverse skill set and a passion for providing comprehensive veterinary care.

Dr. Fullford's expertise extends across the realms of nutrition, behavior, and internal medicine. Her commitment to understanding the intricate relationships between diet, behavior, and overall health reflects her holistic approach to veterinary care. Whether addressing dietary concerns, behavioral challenges, or complex internal issues, Dr. Jack is dedicated to finding tailored solutions for each furry patient.

Outside the clinic, Dr. Jack Fullford finds solace in nature, often exploring hiking trails with her loyal German Shepherd/Pitbull mix by her side. The bond she shares with her canine companion not only fuels her love for animals but also inspires her commitment to fostering strong connections between pets and their human families.

Jack's love for precision and creativity extends beyond the realm of veterinary medicine. She enjoys the meditative art of cross-stitching, creating intricate designs that mirror the attention to detail she brings to Care First. Additionally, Dr. Jack values the importance of downtime, frequently hosting game nights with friends, where laughter and camaraderie abound. Dr. Jack Fullford embodies the spirit of a modern veterinarian—merging scientific expertise with a genuine passion for the well-being of animals. Her warm demeanor, coupled with a commitment to continual learning, makes her a trusted partner for pet owners seeking not only medical care, but also a compassionate advocate for the furry members of their families. Join Dr. Fullford on a journey where healing is not just a profession, but a heartfelt calling.