Dr. Jessie Overton

Associate Veterinarian

As an Associate Veterinarian at Care First Animal Hospital at Oberlin, Dr. Jessie Overton brings a wealth of experience and a passion for animal care. Her journey in veterinary medicine has been shaped by a diverse range of experiences, from working with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to contributing to the well-being of animals at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital.

Dr. Overton embarked on her academic journey at Purdue University, earning her bachelor's degree before pursuing a dual-degree program at Colorado State University. There, she obtained both a Master of Public Health and a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. Her commitment to animal welfare was evident during her time at the USDA, where she interned in both the Animal Care and FSIS departments, focusing on ensuring the humane treatment of animals and the safety of the meat supply.

After completing her DVM, Dr. Overton and her husband relocated to the triangle area, where she found her professional home at Care First Animal Hospital at Oberlin. Her choice to enter the veterinary profession was inspired by the impactful veterinary care she witnessed on her family's small farm in Indiana, particularly from a veterinarian named Dr. Pilgrim. This early exposure ignited her desire to make a positive difference in both the lives of animals and the community.

Dr. Overton's work history includes a position as a Technician at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital, where she cared for hospitalized horses, including newborn foals in the ICU, and assisted veterinarians with farm calls. Her experience at the USDA as an Animal Care Intern and later as a Food Safety Veterinary Intern reflects her dedication to upholding standards of care and safety in the veterinary field.

Her favorite aspects of veterinary care include the diversity of patients she encounters, ranging from newborn puppies and kittens to geriatric cats and dogs, along with the opportunity to relieve pain and suffering. Dr. Overton finds immense joy in meeting different people through her work.

Outside of her professional life, Dr. Overton prioritizes spending time with her husband and children, actively serving in her church, and indulging in her love for horseback riding. Her commitment to continuous learning is showcased by her certifications in Fear Free handling and RECOVER CPR Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support.

Dr. Overton's contributions to veterinary medicine extend beyond her daily practice, as evidenced by her published study, "Metabolomic markers for multidrug resistance among Salmonella Typhimurium from humans, bovine, and porcine hosts," featured in the "Antimicrobial Resistance in Veterinary Medicine and Public Health" special edition of Animals in 2022.

A dedicated professional with a compassionate approach to veterinary care, Dr. Jessie Overton is an invaluable member of the Care First Animal Hospital at Oberlin team.