Dr. Joseph Gordon

Founder, Veterinarian

A founder of Care First Animal Hospital, Dr. Joseph Gordon has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 23 years. A graduate of the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Gordon opened Oberlin Animal Hospital in 1988. Dr. Gordon served on the North Carolina Veterinary Board for 10 years, 2 of those as President. He has also served on the SPCA board of directors, the NCSU Alumni Board, the CVM Board and others! When he is not at the hospital, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Debbie, their children, Wade and Meredith, and their pets (Carnegie [Great Dane], Midnight & Fury [Tennessee Walkers], Peacocks, Swans, Ducks).

2016 NC State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Distinguished Alumni Award

North Carolina State University Athletic LogoDr. Gordon was honored for his continuing commitment to community, education, and animal welfare, which was highlighted in 2014, when he and his wife Deborah, made a $3 million gift to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, launching the “Farm to Philanthropy” program to expand rural student access to an NC State education. The gift ensures high school students have access to opportunities to prepare for entrance examinations at the university, as well as opportunities to attend community college programs in preparation for transfer to NC State degree programs. Additionally, students have the opportunity to graduate debt-free by applying for a “Farm to Philanthropy” scholarship after earning expenses for their first semester.