Care First: Offering Advice for Pet Nutrition Across the Triangle

Did you know that your pet’s health is largely determined by their diet? The veterinarians at Care First Animal Hospital are more than happy to work with you and your pet to create an individualized diet for your dog, cat or other pet, as well as offer our advice on pet nutrition in Raleigh, NC and our locations throughout the Triangle. We’re convinced this is an effective way to keep your pet healthy and avoid costly medical bills as your pet ages.

Healthy Cat & Dog Nutrition, No Matter Their Age

As pet owners have experienced, young pets need a lot of exercise and rest. When it’s time to eat, young pets are usually hungry and eat the portion you’ve allotted. As pets age, they tend to be less active and don’t require as much food, but it’s still important that they receive proper nutrition, vitamins and minerals.

Along with visiting our Raleigh animal hospital for routine pet checkups, speak with one of our vets to make sure your pet is getting the correct amount of food and nutrition. This will help prevent your pet from becoming obese, which can cause many other health issues. A good rule is to feed your pet once or twice a day, depending on your pet’s history, size and weight.

Ask Us About the Best Diet for Dogs & Cats in Raleigh & Beyond

Ask our veterinarians about recommended pet supplements to balance your pet’s dietary requirements — we can even create a special diet plan for your cat or dog with allergies, weight issues or other dietary restrictions. In addition, we would be happy to suggest what type and how much food is best for your pet, including the number of treats.

Always remember to transition new food into your pet’s diet over two weeks by gradually adding in the new food and removing the old food in order to avoid an upset tummy.

Schedule an appointment at Care First Animal Hospital for a routine pet health checkup and to speak to a vet in person about your dog and cat’s nutrition in Raleigh or a surrounding area. If you would like more information on pet nutrition, our care guides and FAQs provide plenty of tips on how to keep your pet healthy.

Serving the Triangle area, Care First Animal Hospital provides pet nutrition in Raleigh, NC and beyond at our locations at Oberlin, Glenwood, and Tryon.