Caring & Attentive Pet Hospitalization in Raleigh, NC

Whether your pet is hospitalized for an illness, emergency surgery or post-surgery monitoring, you can expect your patient to receive the best care available at Care First Animal Hospital. As part of our emergency services, our pet hospitalization in Raleigh, NC or throughout the Triangle is sometimes required after emergency surgeries or injuries.

Offering Exceptional Care at Our Raleigh Animal Hospital

When our team of highly trained, experienced veterinarians recommend hospitalizing your pet before or after surgery, the patient is closely monitored in our treatment area during our business hours. We routinely provide medications and fluid infusions, monitor vital signs and give your pet the attention they deserve, so they can come back home to you as soon as possible. We provide space for patients who may need to stay during the night and weekend as well.

However, if your pet needs to be monitored 24/7 in Raleigh or Cary overnight or over the weekend, 24 hour facilities close by in Raleigh and Cary are:

Choose Care First Animal Hospital for a Quick Recovery

If you have any questions or concerns about our pet hospitalization in Raleigh and Cary, don’t hesitate to contact our veterinarians. Regular phone calls from your veterinarian will provide updates as well as let you know what to expect for the current cost of your pet’s treatment plan. A deposit may be required for some treatment plans, and payment is expected when your pet is released from our care and headed home.

Since 1988, Care First Animal Hospital has offered pet hospitalization in Raleigh and the NC Triangle.