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5 Everyday Tips For a Healthy Cat

How To Make Your Cat Happy & Healthy

Cats may seem like an easier and less demanding pet than dogs, but they still need attention and care each day to make sure they are living their best, healthiest lives. Creating a home environment that keeps your cat healthy for years to come takes thought and preparation, but the payoff is a healthy cat. At Care First Animal Hospital, we love our feline friends, so we put together these 5 everyday tips for a healthy cat. 

kitten wrapped in blanket
  1. Give Your Cat a Cozy Place To Sleep

Cats love their personal space, and having a place for them to sleep that feels safe is a necessity. Many cats love a smaller, enclosed space that makes them feel protected. If you have multiple cats in your home, make sure they each have their own separate space to sleep to help with territorial and behavioral problems such as scratching and urinating outside of the litter box. 

  1. Make Sure To Regularly Clean The Litter Box
baby gray kitten

Cleaning the litter box isn’t a fun chore for anyone, but it’s an important step to maintaining your cat’s health. If the litter box is too dirty, your cat may begin urinating outside of the box. Scooping regularly also will help you notice if there are any changes in your cat’s stool or urine, which could be a lifesaving red flag.The doctors at Care First also recommend having 2 litter boxes per cat to help prevent bathroom accidents. 

  1. Brush Your Cat’s Teeth Daily

Just like humans have to brush their teeth daily, so do cats. Tartar that is left on the tooth can lead to gum disease and the bacteria can even enter their bloodstream, which can lead to life-threatening diseases. Care First Animal Hospital also recommends scheduling a cleaning with a veterinarian once each year to ensure proper dental health.

  1. Provide Fun, Interactive Toys For Your Cat
black and white cat on table

Playtime with toys helps cats stay active and avoid boredom. When cats are bored, they can become mischievous. Indoor cats especially need playtime for exercise and to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Here are a few examples of toys that your cat will love:

  • Toys with catnip
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Small balls
  • Treat dispensing toys
  • Cat tunnels
  • Stuffed toys

Make sure to keep an eye on your cat while they play to make sure they are not getting hurt or eating things they should not be. 

tan and white cat on table
  1. Feed Your Cat A Healthy Diet and Fresh Water

Potentially the most important tip for a healthy cat is to feed them a healthy diet and always have fresh water available to them. Make sure that the food you are feeding them is filled with nutrients and that you are giving them the correct amount that’s based on their lifestyle. Working with a vet to make sure your cat’s food type and amount is correct for them is the best way to set your cat up for success.

Questions About Your Cat?

At Care First Animal Hospital, we are passionate about helping pet owners know everything they need to know about maintaining a healthy lifestyle for their furry friend. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today! 

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