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August 2012 – What it Means to us to Care First

Care First Animal Hospital has been built on the foundation of three pillars: exceptional customer service, quality veterinary medicine, and exemplary client education.

As a member of the veterinary staff, these pillars are a part of what we do without thinking about it or trying.  They have become the cornerstones of our practice and will always be the stronghold that sets us apart .

How do we provide exceptional customer service?
Did you know that every Wednesday all four hospitals provide an hour-long staff training?  We are continuously working to improve the quality of our Customer Service Technicians in order to better serve our patients and clients. We firmly believe not only in training, but retraining, to ensure we continue to provide the best care we can to our patients and clients.

Not only do we serve the clients that walk through our doors, but also the community locally and nationally through community service efforts.  Several of the veterinary staff volunteer with local rescue organizations to help serve the needs of pets looking for their forever homes. A few of us donate one Sunday a month to spaying and neutering the animals for adoption by Second Chance. Other rescues we currently serve are the SPCA of Wake County, ARF Rescue, Boston Terrier Rescue, Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue, SAFE Haven for Cats, Great Dane Friends of RUFF Love, and Triangle Beagle Rescue.

Christian Veterinary Mission is also one organization several of our doctors and staff have participated with over the years. I lead a trip annually with Dr. Sam Galphin, a local dairy veterinarian, to the Navajo Nation for 2 weeks. We take a team of veterinary students and technicians from NC State and other surrounding veterinary schools, and have recently added a trip to the Cherokee Nation. As a group we firmly believe that we are to use our time, treasures, and talents to serve our clients and people in need.

Quality Veterinary Medicine is our second pillar, and in order to ensure we are practicing the highest quality of medicine, our doctors are constantly traveling all over the country to specialized training and continuing education to make sure we are using the most up-to-date and cutting-edge procedures. Whether we learn about new dental techniques, surgical advancements, ultrasound, or new medical treatments, the doctors are always sharing notes and working to update the team with the knowledge learned.

Did you know the doctors have rounds twice a week? This is a time when the doctors from all four hospitals get together and discuss cases, putting together a team of brains in order to provide the best recommendations for each patient. With multiple doctors in each practice daily, we are continually consulting with each other to ensure we are able to provide the highest quality and most advanced recommendations for our patients.

As a hospital, we are always striving to provide the best patient care with a loving staff and dedicated doctor team. Cutting edge diagnostics has allowed us to be able to diagnose patients quickly and get started with treatments faster, expediting recovery.  Many of us find it hard not to fall in love with each patient that comes in the door, which makes treating them so much more fun. We are constantly adding and improving our equipment to better serve our patients.

Finally, client education is our third pillar. We strive on a daily basis to educate our clients on the phone, in person, and through appointments in order to provide the best care for their pets. Whether it is a staff member talking through diets or a doctor explaining a diagnosis, we strive to ensure every client understands our recommendations and WHY we make those recommendations.  I can’t tell you the number of drawings I have done on the back of charts or written notes on index cards for clients to take home.  Whatever it takes, we want to help each and every client understand their pet’s needs.

The Care First Animal Hospital team is a wonderful, caring, dedicated team and I am proud to be a part of it. I am so glad you have given us the privilege of working with you and we will continue to strive to provide the most exceptional customer service, highest quality of medicine, and client education for both you and your furry friend(s) at home.

Dr. Page Wages
Care First Animal Hospital at Oberlin

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