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Community CareGiver Spotlight: Sound Pet Animal Rescue and Referral

Emma was one sad, sick girl at the shelter who was grieving her owner’s death and the loss of her home and family. She would barely hold her head up or wag her tail and she was in bad need of lots of vet care for skin, eye and ear infections, thyroid disease and arthritis. Who would possibly be interested in helping such a poor unadoptable dog?

Sound Pet Animal Rescue and Referral was! These wonderful people rescued Emma and got her the vet care she needed in order to find a forever home. You see, that is what this non-profit rescue organization does for the ill and injured “unadoptable” dogs in shelters or for those who are just running out of time. Kind, caring foster moms and dads take on these sad cases with love and optimism. With their care, these pets are transformed into loving companion dogs ready for forever homes.

Friday Sound Pet Animal Rescue

How do I know all this? Well, Emma found her forever home with me and I am fortunate to be a part of the Sound Pet Animal Rescue family. My experience has been so good that I am now a volunteer with the group! I give my time, occasionally my home, and I support them with my tax deductible donations. They can only continue their good work with community support!

So, if you can, adopt one of our fantastic dogs. If you can’t adopt maybe you can volunteer, donate, or help spread the word! You will be glad you did. I know I am!

Visit our website at and take a look at our available dogs and read their stories. You can also see what our upcoming events are and find out how to help. You will be amazed at some of our success stories. We are a small rescue making a big difference!

Oh, and Emma is doing so great that I have trouble getting her in from the back yard where she chases squirrels along with my other two Sound Pet dogs!

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