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Ellmer’s Tail: What Pigs Eat?

Hi everyone!

20140831_133718For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Ellmer Fudd, and I hold a very important position on the Care First Animal Hospital Team at Oberlin, as I am the only pig on staff. My mom, Dr. Wages, chauffeurs me to work and school every day. I also have official duties that only my unique talents and abilities are suited for! Like all members of the Care First Animal Hospital team, I take my job very seriously. Some examples of my daily activities are:

  • keeping blankets warm
  • dog socialization
  • entertaining visitors
  • aerating the back yard where my friends in day school and camp play

Fun Facts About Me, Ellmer the Pig!

20140831_165457The most popular question people ask my mom is “What does Ellmer eat?” and I thought I would delve into that question a little more completely. While you might think that a pig must eat a lot, in trust, I don’t eat as much as I would like! (I know my dog friends feel the same. Mealtime is our FAVORITE time in my house!)  Did you know that Purina actually makes a food specifically designed for miniature pigs? My mom loads my special cereal bowl up with some yummy food, lots of love, and a little water (which helps me swallow my food and not choke).  Sometimes I also get small pieces of fruit or vegetables with my food and I’m as happy as…a pig in a blanket….on those days!

Mom and I both have to pack our lunch to take to work.  I usually get a banana (my favorite!), sometimes I get an apple, peach, handful of grapes, or banana chips.  After dinner at home I like to spend a few hours digging for bugs, chomping on the clover and fresh grass in my yard, nad foraging for food that my chickens drop. Ahhh, I sure do love “Salad Time”!

Autumn is here! I wanted to pass along some of what I’ve learned about the cooler weather:

  • 20140831_133541The sun gets up after me and goes to bed before me, so when it is out, seizure the moment with sunbathing and playing outside! (I never pass up an opportunity to lay in the sun during lunchtime!)
  • Watch out for brush piles and by creek beds because there are LOTS of baby snakes out there, and I don’t want any of us, me or my canine companions, to get bit!
  • While enjoying my Salad Time,  I need to be VERY CAREFUL not to taste even the most plump and ripe mushroom. Some of them can be very TOXIC. My doggies like to eat them without smelling first, this is very bad and can make them very sick. Luckily my mom keeps a close watch on us when we’re playing outside.20140918_221135
  • Keep as many blankets close by as possible, because the nights are starting to get cooler and I don’t like to be cold!

I can’t wait to meet you! Please stop by our Oberlin location and pat my head or scratch my belly! You can bring a banana – Mom said it is ok!

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