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How To Create a First Aid Kit for Your Pet

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When your pet is injured, what is the best way to respond? In addition to simply remaining calm, a great way to be there for your pet is by preparing a first aid kit built specifically for your pet. Having your kit made before an emergency ever happens will calm your nerves, knowing that you can respond immediately.

While you never know what the emergency could be, the key is to move quickly and react smartly. Having a full stock of basic, common items could save your pet’s life. As always, Care First Animal Hospital is here to offer our extensive veterinary medical training for pet first aid in Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas.

For more information on what to do to if your pet is injured, download our First Aid for Pets guide.

What To Include In A Pet First Aid Kit

Care First Animal Hospital recommends building your own pet first aid kit in Raleigh. Keep the kit in a place that is easy to remember and readily accessible.

First, make a pet emergency information card for the kit and keep a copy in your wallet or purse. A pet emergency information card should have the following information:

  • Pet’s name, age, weight, fur color, markings
  • Pet’s gender and type
  • Pet’s address
  • Your name and phone number
  • Prescription medications
  • Vet’s name, location and phone number

Our Raleigh veterinarians suggest that your emergency kit should include:

  • Pet emergency information card
  • Leash
  • Three feet of cotton fabric that can be used as a secondary leash, muzzle or tourniquet
  • Antibiotic salve for cuts and abrasions
  • Two towels (bath sized)
  • Cotton balls
  • Hydrogen peroxide for cleaning wounds
  • Antiseptic soap and sanitizer
  • Anti-diarrhea medicine (Loperamide, aka Imodium)
  • Small bottled water and plastic dish
  • Various sizes of cotton gauze
  • Role of paper tape or medical tape to secure the dressing
  • Roll of plastic wrap to seal wounds
  • Blunt surgical scissors
  • One blanket
  • Container of honey for shock
  • Children’s aspirin that can be given to animals
  • An antihistamine for allergies or asthmatic reactions
  • Syrup of Ipecac for ingested poisons

Contact Care First Animal Hospital in Raleigh & Beyond

No matter the extent of your pet’s injury, it is always a good idea for you to visit a nearby veterinary center. Care First Animal Hospital offers pet emergency services throughout the Triangle, so contact your nearest location, and we will gladly make sure that your pet will be OK.

Care First Animal Hospital offers pet first aid in Raleigh, NC and throughout the Triangle with locations on OberlinGlenwood, and Tryon.

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