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How To Groom Your Cat At Home

When you think of pet grooming, a cat is probably the last animal you would think of. How can you get a cat to enjoy a bath or sit still for a grooming session? In this guide, we’ll cover how to groom your cat at home and ways to make it more comfortable for you and your cat.

Why You Should Groom Your Cat

Cats are groomers by nature, but additional grooming has several benefits. When you groom your cat regularly, you prevent issues like excessive shedding inside, hairballs, dreads and mats. For longer-coat cats, like Maine coons, grooming is especially important because their tongues cannot remove the amount of fur that needs to be combed.

Overall, regular grooming routines will make for a happier cat with healthy skin and fur that will leave them more comfortable than they would be otherwise.

Grooming Tools & Products Needed

When you’re planning on grooming your feline friend, there are some supplies you should gather before you get started. From soap to brushes, let’s take a look at everything you need.


If you’re looking for soap and shampoo, one of the simplest products you should consider is pure-castile unscented soap. Castile soap is more eco-friendly than normal soap because it is derived from plant oils (usually olive). Also, unscented soaps are more gentle on sensitive skin, and your cat will be thankful.


We all know cats shed, so one way you can help fight this is with regular brushing. If your kitty has short hair, a good self-cleaning brush like this works great. For cats with thicker or long hair, a cat FURminator may be needed. This tool cuts away loose fur so you can decrease the amount of shedding and help leave your kitty with a shiny, clean coat. When you brush your cat regularly, there will be less fur around the house and no more furballs!

Nail Clippers

Between grooming sessions, your cat’s claws will inevitably get long, so you need to cut them. A good pair of nail clippers are good to have on hand. You’ll want to make sure that the clippers you use have a safety guard. This guard will prevent over-cutting and help avoid hitting the quick of your cat’s nail beds.

Begin In Kittenhood (If Possible)

The best time to start grooming your cat is as soon as possible. As you groom your cat more and more, they will become accustomed to being handled and grooming won’t be as uncomfortable for them. Over time, grooming may even become something they look forward to. Cats do love being clean and tidy, after all. So, if you can, start grooming your cat as a kitten. Otherwise, start whenever you get everything you need.

Ask Our Groomers

If you have any questions about how to groom your cat at home, please feel free to set up an appointment with one of our professional pet groomers, and they will be glad to help.

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