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January 2012 – Community CareGiver Spotlight: Sound Pet Animal Rescue and Referral

SPARR : The Little Cary Rescue Making a Big Difference

Sound Pet Animal Rescue and Referral (SPARR) was founded in January of 2006 to help the injured, ill and unfortunate animals that find their way into the shelter system. Most shelters are unable to put these animals on the floor for adoption to the general public, and we work closely with the shelters so that we are notified when an injured dog is admitted or when a dog is running out of time. These dogs are now given a chance to get the medical care they once were denied due to the shelter’s limited funds.

One such dog is John Joseph, a Chihuahua who we rescued with a broken leg. After his leg amputation, neuter surgery, and check over by his veterinarian, he was placed with a wonderful foster family, and is looking for a loving home. Each foster home is allowed to pick their own foster dog, which allows each dog to be welcomed into a home that’s equipped to take care of them. We support a foster’s decision to take in an injured dog that needs a leg amputation or to help a little mixed breed dog that has been sitting in a run for a few days. Our only limitation is funding as we are supported solely by the community.

We often hear that people would love to help, but they don’t know how. There are so many ways to help homeless animals in your community. Some easy ways to get involved are listed below:

  • Adopt or spread the word about adoption
  • Donate goods or financial aid
  • Contribute your time or talent
  • Educate your friends, family, or ask us to give a talk at your work or group
  • Foster or Volunteer: you will meet some great people and save lives!
  • Thank you for your support of the animals in need!
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