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Obesity Risks: Coughing

Cooper FitzpatrickDid you know that in severe cases obesity can cause a dog to cough? Unfortunately it’s true. Fat can build around the heart, as well as limit the ability of the lungs to expand properly with air. This can lead to increase pressures in the vessels of the lungs, which can ultimately affect heart function.

One of the signs an owner may notice is a chronic cough, one that doesn’t go away. If your pet has a cough and especially if they are also obese, please have them examined by a veterinarian.

This is just one of the many reasons to keep your pet lean and trim: not only will they feel and look better, they will be healthier and live longer too!

Cooper (pictured) is one of the pets in our Weight Loss Challenge! Cooper started out at 107 pounds in February and is down to 98.3 near the end of April! He has been on Science Diet w/d, clinically proven to help dogs maintain a healthy weight. W/d is a low fat diet with moderately high fiber levels which help provide a feeling of fullness. Cooper’s family has also been exercising with him more frequently and are happy with his weight loss!

Does your pet need to lose a few pounds? Are you noticing that they are slowing down, having difficulty rising, or coughing? Please schedule an appointment with your Care First Animal Hospital veterinarian today!

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