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Tips and Tricks to Successfully Training an Older Dog

Dog training is often associated with young puppies, but that isn’t always true. Whether you’ve recently adopted, or you’re looking to challenge your dog in its later years, successfully training older dogs is possible.

Can Older Dogs be Trained?

Dogs are constantly learning, so it’s never too late to start formal training exercises. Training needs will largely depend on factors including your dog’s overall health, past experiences and energy levels. Training a senior dog will provide long-lasting, positive results with the right plan and resources.

Tips for Training Senior Dogs

As it turns out, you can teach an old dog new tricks. It’s important to prepare before beginning training. We’ve outlined a few tips and tricks to help ease you and your dog into a new training routine.

Determine Commands Your Dog Already Knows

Training can range from your senior dog knowing advanced commands to not ever being housebroken. By learning what your dog already knows, you can create a more efficient training program. You’ll likely need to allocate more time and resources to senior dogs that lack a basic obedience foundation.

Create a Training Schedule

Get your dog used to their new routine by setting time aside throughout the week. Depending on your dog’s energy level, you may have training sessions every day or blocks of time sprinkled throughout the week. Expect to dedicate a minimum of five weeks to your training program, with the understanding that it could take upwards of 9-10 weeks. Consistency is key—keep your dog in the zone by committing to your training schedule.

Have Patience

At any age, dog training requires patience. Some dogs catch on quicker than others, but don’t let that discourage you. By investing time into your training, you’ll strengthen the bond between you and your dog while giving them a fun, mentally-stimulating experience.

Training Services with Care First Animal Hospital

Want to train your dog, but have no idea where to start? Care First Animal Hospital offers family pet classes for dogs of all ages. Contact us today to learn more about our training services and book your first session!

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