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The First Steps to Take When You Adopt a Kitten

Welcoming A Kitten Into Your Family

So, it’s your first day with your sweet little kitten! Your family has grown to include an adorable, furry new member. Reality begins to set in, and you wonder: what should you do to make sure your kitten is set up for success? The good news is, Care First Animal Hospital loves your kitten almost as much as you do, so we put together a list of steps you can take after you adopt your new furry friend. 

New Cat Checklist 

We totally understand how overwhelmed you may feel when you first adopt a kitten. You want to be the very best cat owner, but it’s difficult to know what things you should do first to help your cat adjust and begin their new wonderful life with you. Here are the first 5 steps we recommend to give you peace of mind during this transition:

  1. Select a veterinarian: Within the first 48 hours of having your new kitten at home, make sure to bring them in for a veterinary appointment. The vet will perform a physical exam to make sure your kitten is healthy and will administer any vaccinations needed. From there, they will set up future appointments to make sure your kitten stays up-to-date on any medications or vaccinations needed. 
  2. Purchase food, bowls, litter box and toys: The shopping list is long when you bring a kitten into your life! Make sure you stock up on all of the essentials that will make the transition easy for them.
  3. Research preventative care plans: All of the vaccines kittens need can be pricey, so we recommend selecting a preventative care plan from a trusted vet. At Care First Animal Hospital, our preventative care plans cover all needed vaccinations, unlimited exams during regular doctor hours, dewormer, fecal examinations and more. Learn more here.  
  4. Get your kitten microchipped: Unfortunately, hundreds of cats in the Triangle area go missing every year. The best tool to reunite with your missing pet is a microchip. When you take your kitten to the vet for the first time, make sure to ask them about getting your cat microchipped. 
  5. Have patience: Your kitten is in for a big transition! They don’t know your home, your family, or you. It will take time for them to get into the swing of things, so in the meantime, give them lots of love and patience. They will repay you by being a loyal member of your family! 

Looking for a vet for your new kitten?

Look no further! Care First Animal Hospital’s team of veterinarians can’t wait to meet the new addition to your family. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to set up your first appointment.

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