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April: The Month of the Greyhound

My name is Jay B Superone, but you can call me Jay. I am an eight-year-old greyhound who was bred for racing! On my best racing days, I could reach 45mphs in just 6 strides. It is easy for me to run fast. I have a huge lung capacity and heart compared to my friend the golden retriever. I also make more red blood cells. The more red blood cells I circulate through my veins, the quicker I can oxygenate my fast-twitch muscles. My legs are long and my spine is more flexible than my friend the beagle, so I can travel a great distance in one stride. This is called a double suspension rotary gallop. I have an incredible instinct to chase anything small which is why I find it challenging to live with cats. I am classified as a “sighthound” and have 270-degree vision. I love to run FAST, but only for a short amount of time. 

tan colored greyhound with vest, laying in bed and at the park

Because I did not routinely win races, I was retired at the age of three. Fortunately, there was a greyhound rescue that fostered me until I was formally adopted. My favorite activity is sleeping. I love to snuggle, but sometimes it is a little uncomfortable for me. As an athlete, I have a low percentage of body fat. I enjoy playing with other dogs, but I would be just as happy sleeping the day away and playing with my soft toys. 

Twice a month, as a member of Alliance of Therapy Dogs, I visit with the patients at Cary Health and Rehabilitation Center. They can reach me easily from their hospital beds. I have such a calm, easy-going demeanor that I can make them smile just by letting them scratch my ears. 

I used to volunteer at the University of Florida Veterinary Hospital. I am a universal blood donor which means that my blood is accepted by almost all canine patients. The fact that I have more red blood cells than most of my friends also contributes to my good blood qualities. My blood was used in the hospital for patients in need of a transfusion. 

As a sighthound or greyhound, I require a little more care at the veterinary office. I tend to develop dental disease, so my mom brushes my teeth once daily and I receive a general anesthesia dental cleaning at my veterinary hospital once a year. My doctors are very careful when they anesthetize me because I am very sensitive to the drugs and usually require lower doses. I have my blood drawn once to twice a year to screen for any abnormalities. My blood work does not always align with the reference ranges set by the laboratories, but my doctors know this and watch my baseline trends. 

Interested in Adopting a Greyhound?

As you can see, greyhounds are awesome! April is deemed National Adopt a Greyhound Month. We just love to run, sleep, and be loved! If you are interested in meeting or rescuing a greyhound, search for greyhound rescues in your area. 

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