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Outstanding Pet Care Across the Triangle

Whether you have a dog, cat or other pet, Care First is here to take care of all your veterinary needs. In addition to our veterinary and emergency services, our team of veterinarians and staff are proud to provide a number of pet care services in Raleigh, NC and our locations throughout the Triangle. We know that maintaining your pet’s health or treating it when it’s sick is just a small part of the time you spend with your pet. Our pet care services give attention to all the areas that you dog truly needs.

Pet Care Services

From our pet spa to doggie day camp, there isn’t a pet need we haven’t met. Care First Animal Hospital offers the following pet care services in Raleigh:

No matter if your furry friend needs a haircut or if your new, energetic puppy could use some training, our friendly team is here for you and your pet. We do everything we can to foster the relationship and happiness of both the animals and their owners — not to mention, we get attached to our patients ourselves!

Care First Animal Hospital: Your Neighborhood Pet Care Center

At Care First, we like to think of ourselves as your neighborhood pet care center, offering services from a local, friendly staff. We have several locations in Raleigh and throughout the Triangle to allow us to deliver our pet care services in the most convenient way possible for you and your pet. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for our pet grooming, boarding and more.

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