Dog & Puppy Training at Glenwood

Group Dog Training Classes at Glenwood!

jasey teaching dog to shake

Looking for a way to keep your dog busy, provide positive socialization, and refine their companion skills? We offer group classes on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings!  All classes are open to any age dogs (8 weeks and older) and up-to-date on age-appropriate vaccines. Dogs should be reasonably comfortable and quiet in a room with 6 dog/handler human teams.

What if my dog barks and lunges at others? 

If your dog is nervous around others, has severe anxiety, or barks and lunges at other people or dogs, group class will likely be too challenging and will not allow for proper learning and desensitization. You and your dog need to learn some additional skills before taking group classes. Care First can recommend a behavioralist who can provide an individualized action plan. In addition, we urge you to speak to your veterinarian about behavioral concerns. 

Puppies and beginner adult dogs should take Family Pet class or have taken another training class before taking Advanced Family Pet. All skill levels may take Confident K9, including beginner puppies/dogs, Family Pet and CGC Plus graduates, and handlers with dog training experience with new or intermediate dogs!


Orientation information is provided via email after enrolling in the class. We will cover class policies, what to bring, and how to get the most out of your training.

Family Pet  – Tuesdays 7-7:55 pm and Wednesdays 7-7:55 pm

Imagine your dog behaving politely in public, lying on a dog mat while you enjoy a meal at an outdoor cafe, enjoying walks with you, and calmly greeting guests. Start your solid foundation and learn how to work with your dog over time as life throws new distractions your way!

Advanced Family Pet – Tuesdays 8-8:55 pm

Level up your dog’s basic manners by improving their foundation skills and strengthening focus amidst real-life distractions. Refine recalls, loose leash walking, and stays so that you have an amazing companion dog in and out of the home!

Prerequisite: dog has basic foundational training with understanding of stationing or sit/down stays, loose leash walking, and recalls.

Email the trainer at if you’d like to ensure this is the right class for you.

Confident K9 – Wednesdays 8-8:55 pm

Enhance your dog’s confidence and focus by playing training games.  We will build your dog’s body awareness, learn pattern games to teach your dog to focus in the midst of distractions, and work on cooperative care skills to make grooming and going to the vet non-stressful! 

When? Classes run for 6 weeks. New sessions start every 7-8 weeks. We have six sessions per year.
Where? Classes are held at Care First Animal Hospital at 5725 Glenwood Ave., Raleigh, NC 27612.
How? Call Glenwood (919) 783-7387 to enroll and pay via phone.

Who Are Your Instructors?

Jasey Day has been teaching at Care First since 2009 and has 20 years of experience teaching group classes. She’s titled in various dog sports, published dog training articles in nationally renowned magazines, is a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer, has been a Canine Good Citizen evaluator since 2006, and earned all three levels of Cooperative Care titles. Jasey enjoys expanding her skills by continuing education and identifying methods to improve the behavior and lives of her own dogs – a bouncy Labrador Retriever and two sassy, rescue Australian Cattle Dogs. She also volunteers with the American Cattle Dog Rescue Association.

Liz Burke is an active dog sport competitor and avid dog trainer, competing in agility, frisbee, dock diving and other sports.  When she is not competing, she is training her dogs to do tricks, keeping them in shape with fitness, or reinforcing life skills.   Liz has been a Canine Good Citizen evaluator since 2021, and holds her KPA CTP (Karen Pryor Academy Canine Trainer Professional) certification.  She has also been an active foster with numerous rescue organizations over the years. Liz enjoys spreading her knowledge by teaching dog classes and sparking the “aha” moment between owner and dog. 

Email and with questions.

Group Training Reviews

“You also receive guidance and instruction via videos posted prior to each training class, which is very helpful…I like these classes because we learn fun skills, such as Zen bowl training and twirling left or right. The dogs aren’t just learning obedience, they’re having fun. Also, I like that the skills are demonstrated by the trainer’s own dog. It really helps. I highly recommend this class.” – Sue (Owner) and Mia (Dog)

“Miller and I have really enjoyed the classes so far. It has forced me to set aside time to focus on training, and in two weeks we have already seen so much improvement on her commands.” – Steph (Owner) and Miller (dog)