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In Person Classes at Glenwood!

jasey teaching dog to shake

From puppies to “older dogs,” our classes will help! Training can start at 8 weeks of age, noting that a dog’s socialization window starts immediately. The sooner your puppy gets started on the right track, the more successful your training will be. However, it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks and training can begin at any age.

We offer a multitude of training options to help you and your dog strengthen your bond and learn key companion pet skills. We offer evening group dog training classes that run for 55 minutes for 6 weeks and that have specific start dates. There is also doggie day school available for your dog to work one on one throughout the day with our trainers.

While we do recommend that you do day school and classes in conjunction, we understand that is not always possible. Take a look at what we offer to see what best fits your schedule.

Group Training Classes

At the Glenwood location, your dog will learn sit, down, leave it, stay, go to your mat, door etiquette, loose leash walking, recalls (come), fun tricks, cooperative care skills and much more! During each 55 minute class, students will watch instructor demos and then practice the skills with their own dogs as Jasey coaches. For each class, you will also receive links to training videos and handouts.

Reach out to the instructor Jasey with questions.

Call Glenwood to enroll 919-783-7387. The weekday evening for class offerings may change throughout the year – they are often on Wednesdays!

Group Training Reviews

“You also receive guidance and instruction via videos posted prior to each training class, which is very helpful…I like these classes because we learn fun skills, such as Zen bowl training and twirling left or right. The dogs aren’t just learning obedience, they’re having fun. Also, I like that the skills are demonstrated by the trainer’s own dog. It really helps. I highly recommend this class.” – Sue (Owner) and Mia (Dog)

“Miller and I have really enjoyed the classes so far. It has forced me to set aside time to focus on training, and in two weeks we have already seen so much improvement on her commands.” – Steph (Owner) and Miller (dog)


Orientation information is provided via email after enrolling in the class. We will cover class policies, what to bring, and how to get the most out of your training.

PUPPY (8 weeks – 6 months)

7pm – 7:55pm

Skills: Cooperative care skills (collar holds, brushing, bathing skills, gentle exams, nail trim, ear cleaning), sit, down, stay, nose touch, attention to name, loose leash walking, recalls (come), leave it, go to your mat/bed/place, door etiquette, stand, polite petting, and a few fun tricks.

Topics: Preventing nipping, safely socializing, crate training, polite petting, preventing resource guarding, preventing counter surfing and more!

Instructor will increase difficulty as needed.

Golden Balancing Treat on Nose

LEVEL 1 & 2 (> 6 months)

8pm – 8:55 pm

Skills: Cooperative care skills and progressions, distraction training (zen bowl), variable reinforcement training, stand, sit, down, advanced stays, a few fun tricks, polite petting, leave it, formal sits for obedience (side, finish), loose leash walking, chin hold, door etiquette, and more!

Topics: Safely socializing, home alone training, preventing counter surfing, and more!

The instructor will increase difficulty as needed.

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