Comprehensive Pet Health in Raleigh, NC & Beyond

At Care First Animal Hospital, we know how much joy your pet can bring you and your family, and it’s up to you to make sure they live healthy, long lives. That’s why our veterinarians and staff offer comprehensive pet health in Raleigh, NC and throughout the Triangle. You’ll be impressed with how much our team genuinely cares about your pet’s well-being and the level of expertise we have to best treat your pet.

Our Pet Health Services Offered in the Triangle

Dental Health

Did you know that about 72% of pet health problems are caused by bacteria buildup on the teeth? Our pet dentists can get rid of plaque and bacteria with regular teeth cleanings and dental health care.


Work with our veterinarians to determine a healthy diet and exercise routine customized to your pet’s nutritional needs.

Pet Identification

Between pet microchipping and having your pet wear an updated collar and tags, you won’t have to worry about your pet getting lost. Care First is here to help you with pet identification.

Preventive Health Program

Make an investment in your Raleigh pet’s health through our preventive health programs for cats and dogs.

Stay Well Visits

Biannual stay well visits will ensure that your pet stays healthy for years to come!

Geriatric Medicine

How do your pet’s health need change as they age? Care First is here to provide geriatric medicine for pets.

Care Guides & FAQS

Our pet care guides & FAQ resources include everything you need to know about pet health in Raleigh and beyond!

Care First: Taking Care of Pets & Their Health

Whether your pet is generally healthy or not, scheduling regular pet health appointments is the best way to keep them healthy long term and spot any irregularities. Reach out to Care First Animal Hospital today to receive top-quality Raleigh pet health care from loving veterinarians.

Serving the Triangle area, Care First Animal Hospital provides exceptional pet health care services in Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas from our locations at Oberlin, Glenwood and Tryon.