Veterinary Pet Teeth Cleaning

At Care First Animal Hospital, we think of everything when it comes to pet health care and do whatever we can to keep your pet feeling its best long-term. Our dental care is no exception. Serving your pets through years of experience, our veterinarians are also dentists for your pets. Annual teeth cleanings for your dog, cat or other pets are imperative to good dental and overall health.

Periodontal Disease in Pets

Sometimes pet owners aren’t aware of how important dental care is for your pet’s health. Did you know that about 72% of pet health problems are caused by bacteria buildup on the teeth? When that’s combined with plaque, it’s understandable why the risk of health problems increases as your pet ages.

You might also be surprised to learn that 85% of all dogs and cats have periodontal disease. How exactly does this happen? Bacteria from the teeth enter the bloodstream at the gumline and compromise the immune system, as well as damage the kidneys, liver and heart valves. Short-term effects can include lethargy and listlessness, similar to how we feel with the flu. Owners often mistake this for their pet’s natural aging process and slowing down.

Many times, our clients tell us that their pet is acting their age once again after their annual teeth cleaning. By getting rid of the bacteria, our Raleigh pet dentists eliminate the symptoms and poor health, as well!

Preventive Teeth Cleanings for Pets

We understand that you want to do everything you can to maintain your pet’s health, and dental care is a great place to start. Proper preventive pet dental care includes brushing your pet’s teeth daily and scheduling an annual teeth cleaning at a nearby Care First location. Dogs and cats can actually enjoy the attention and the way it feels to have their gums and teeth massaged.

Come to any of our Raleigh Care First locations for a dental cleaning for your pet. For more information on pet dental health, feel free to contact us or watch our video.