Stay Healthy With Regular Pet Wellness Visits in Raleigh & Beyond

At Care First Animal Hospital, we want to see your pet be healthy as much as you do. We see ourselves as your partner in your pet’s health — that’s why we offer wellness visits in Raleigh, NC and around the Triangle. Stay well visits are scheduled twice a year (one every six months) and ensure that we catch any potential health problems early and that your pet’s general quality of life is at its optimal level.

Recommended Wellness Visits for Dogs, Cats & More

The following exams are included in your pet’s routine wellness visit at one of our locations. The team at Care First highly recommends scheduling physical exams, immunization and early disease identification on a regular basis.

Physical Exams

Our experienced vets suggest bringing in your pet twice a year for a routine pet exam in Raleigh or the Triangle. During the physical, we examine your pet’s overall health, including:

  • Skin, hair, paws, eyes and teeth
  • Chest, abdomen, lymph nodes, bones and joints
  • Any specific problems or concerns you have or a diagnostic evaluation

Preventive Medication & Pet Immunization

Care First can easily provide preventive medication and immunizations in Raleigh to protect your pet from a number of harmful diseases, including:

  • Serious parasites
  • Viruses
  • Other environmental diseases

During your pet’s routine wellness visit, our vets will identify any risk factors and recommend the appropriate preventive medications if needed.

Early Disease Identification

The veterinarians in Raleigh and beyond at Care First recommend annual blood testing and sample evaluations to allow us to assess your pet’s health beyond what we can find during a routine wellness visit. These tests not only allow us to ensure that major organs are optimally functioning, but we can detect a problem early on and quickly take action.

Make Pet Hygiene a Routine

Did you know that routine brushing, bathing, dental care and nail trimming can affect the quality of your pet’s health? Here is a list of basic Raleigh pet hygiene practices that are important for dog and cat health:

The team at Care First is here to provide all of these pet care servicesrequest an appointment today!

Schedule Your Regular Raleigh Vet Visits at Care First Today

The veterinarians at Care First would love to do everything they can to ensure the health of your pet — contact us today to schedule your cat, dog or other pet’s wellness exam!

Care First Animal Hospital fosters pet wellness through routine stay well visits in Raleigh, NC and our locations throughout the Triangle, including Oberlin, Glenwood, and Tryon.