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Veterinary Rehabilitation

When your pet’s illness requires rehabilitation, we strongly recommend Peak Pet Performance, which is located in our Glenwood Ave. facility. Peak Pet Performance has the equipment, skills and genuine care to take care of your pet.

Rehabilitation helps a wide variety of pets. Whether your pet has orthopedic, neurologic, or weight issues, or may be an athlete looking to increase their mobility, Peak Pet Performance can help.

All patients at Peak Pet Performance will receive an individualized treatment plan that will be detailed before your pet starts in their facility.

Treatments Offered

Benefits of Rehabilitation

  • Shortens recovery time for surgeries/injuries
  • Improves range of motion in pets
  • Decreases pain and swelling
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Increases endurance and agility

All of our pet rehabilitation services are offered at our Glenwood Ave. hospital. Please contact our Glenwood location to learn more. 

Healthy Exercises for Overweight Dogs

Just like humans, exercise can help with weight loss in dogs. Walking is an excellent, safe exercise for your furry companion! If your pet has not had regular exercise, start slowly and gradually increase the amount of exercise. This will help prevent injury, just as they recommend for humans when we start a new exercise …


Older Pet Care

Throughout their lives, our pets give us unconditional love, never share our deepest secrets, and make us smile with their playful antics. We are responsible for their health, and by providing them with the top preventive care we can help them live a long, comfortable life. In general, dogs are considered geriatric when they reach 7 …


January 2012 – New at Care First Animal Hospital: Laser Therapy

Molly Emory, a 7 year old Sheltie, first came to Care First Animal Hospital in October for a sore on her left front paw that was causing her to be painful on walks. We tried traditional therapy at first, administering a corticosteroid to help with inflammation and then dispensing a topical spray and a non-steroidal …