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October 2011 – Wellness bloodwork: the closest thing we have to a crystal ball:

Dr. Dawn Dateno treats patients mainly at Care First Animal Hospital at Falls Pointe. She took a few minutes to review the importance of Wellness Blood Profiles with us and answer some common questions.

During the month of September we focused on Wellness Profiles and we will do so again in the month of January. Bet you didn’t know that your pets would benefit from a wellness blood profile screening. Think about it- does your doctor send you to the lab for a blood panel annually? Mine does!

What are Wellness Profiles? Why would my pet need one?

The Senior and Adult Wellness Profiles are comprised of a complete blood count, chemistry panel, urinalysis, and thyroid level. The blood and urine that is submitted from your pet can provide the doctor with information that will help with early detection of disease, as a screening tool for anesthesia, or as a baseline for comparison when your pet is ill. There is also a Junior Wellness Profile that consists of a complete blood count, chemistry panel, and clotting factor levels. In addition to routine screening, if your pet is on any long term medication such as Carprofen, Phenobarbital, or thyroid medication, it is important to monitor blood levels and/or response to the medication. The doctor will discuss with you when your pet should be rechecked depending on the type of medication they are taking.

My cat is only 10 years old and looks great, does she really need the Wellness Profile?

Unfortunately our pets age significantly quicker than we humans do, therefore it is important to bring them in for annual exams along with routine blood and urine screening. Did you know that most dogs are considered geriatric between the ages of 7 and 8 and cats at 10? They can manage to hide their illness or disease for quite sometime before it is detected.

Does it hurt?

The procedure to draw blood and collect urine is done quickly with as little stress and little pain as possible. We can perform these procedures in the exam room with you or take your pet to a different area so that you don’t have to watch!

How soon before I find out the results?

We submit the samples from your pet to an outside laboratory. In approximately 3 days you’ll receive a call from your veterinarian to discuss the results. Or if you prefer, an email can be sent to you!

Anything else?

During September and January we will offer $25 off the cost of the wellness profile! Routine wellness screening is essential to the overall health and well being of you AND your pet. If you have any questions about the wellness panel, give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer your questions or concerns!

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