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Care First Animal Hospital’s New Building

UPDATE: November 2020

Check out the most recent progress on our new building!

Benefits of the New Building

Care First Animal Hospital is thrilled to announce our new building that is currently under construction next to our Oberlin location. Our goal was to create a building that brings together the highest quality modern technology with space that will allow us to provide the top-notch care that we are proud of. With this new space, our team and clients will have:

  • 12 exam rooms and a consultation suite
  • Large open treatment area workspace equipped with furnishings, lighting and anti-fatigue flooring
  • Two surgery suites with a prep area between
  • Long indoor dog exercise area running over half the length of the Wade Avenue side of the building

The Gold Standard of Energy Efficiency

While our main objective was creating a space to serve our customers in the best way possible, we also strived to make the building environmentally friendly. The space will be one of the few buildings in the state that meet Passive House energy efficiency standards. Building it to meet these standards will reduce the building’s ecological footprint and will require little energy to cool and heat. 

Building Progress

Creating a building like this takes time, but we are happy to wait so we can ensure it is the perfect space for our team. Over 300 stone aggregate piers were drilled and filled during site prep to support the new structure before any foundation work began. In July, the foundation and formed walls of the ground-level parking was completed. Scroll through the below photos to view our progress!

You can also check out our YouTube channel HERE to see time-lapse videos of the building’s progress!

Looking Forward to the Future

Care First Animal Hospital is blessed to work with so many amazing customers and sweet pets. Our passion behind this building was to create the best, most modern technology and space available so that our clients have first-class care. We look forward to elevating the standard of animal care with this innovative and efficient building. 

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