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Community CareGiver Spotlight: Pawfect Match Rescue and Rehabilitation

Pawfect Match Rescue and Rehabilitation (PMR&R)

Emma with Pawfect Match

Emma, a Pawfect Match rescued pup!

Pawfect Match Rescue and Rehabilitation is a non-profit all breed dog rescue and rehab organization based in the Triangle area since 2006. We believe that ALL dogs deserve a second chance regardless of their breed or age.

Our Approach to Rescuing Dogs

All of our dogs come into our homes where they live among us and our pets and are treated as one of the family, not as a foster dog.  Besides the basics of crate training and house training, we teach our dogs basic obedience, we groom them, feed them a high-quality dog food, and last but not least, we shower them with LOVE and attention that hopefully teaches them to trust again and realize that life really IS good.

Caring for Dogs with Special Needs

In addition to the scared but otherwise healthy dogs, we also take in dogs with medical needs. These can range from dogs with pneumonia, like Emma (pictured), to a three-legged Carolina Dog

Pawfect Match rescued dog Lavender Diamond

Lavender Diamond, a Pawfect Match dog who needed extensive medical care.

(pictured) that had been cruelly shot in her one good front paw and chained to a pole with a litter of new born pups. The pups all lived and have been adopted, and her shot paw was rebuilt – it took a year and many surgeries. We have rehabilitated dogs with heartworms, hip problems, bad knees, blindness and/or deafness, missing eyes, horrendous mange, and worse.

We’ll never be able to save them all, no matter how many we try to pull and foster.  So we believe that the one at a time approach with the extra TLC allows us to really KNOW the dogs and be able to match them with their new families. This ends up being a win – win situation for all involved.

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