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Naughty and Nice Gift Ideas For Your Pet

‘Tis The Season to Spoil Your Pet

During the holiday season, you give gifts to everyone you love – including your pets! And with so many fun toys and treats to choose from in the aisles of pet stores, it’s easy to grab the most colorful, fun-looking gift. But sometimes, the toys many people choose can be harmful. Read below to find out what’s on Care First Animal Hospital’s naughty and nice gift list for furry friends! 

Naughty List

Many of the most popular holiday toys for pets can actually be the most dangerous! Here is a list of the top 3 gifts to avoid and why:

  1. Rawhides: your dog probably loves rawhides, but they pose a serious blocking or choking risk. The treat can become soft and squishy, allowing it to slip down your pet’s throat and cause a serious problem. 
  2. Toys with small parts: toys with little pieces that can be torn off with ease can lead to a choking hazard or foreign body.
  3. Feather toys: finding a toy with feathers on it is very common, especially for cats, but unfortunately feathers can easily be chewed up and become lodged in your cat’s throat or stomach. 

Nice List

Now that we’ve covered the top toys and treats that you should avoid, read the below gift ideas that will set your pet, and you, up for success:

  1. Dental treats: keeping your pet’s teeth clean should be a top priority for all pet owners. A fun way to make sure their dental hygiene is strong is to swap their normal treats for dental treats. This will help reduce the buildup of plaque that can be dangerous to your pet. 
  2. Pet puzzles: puzzles are a great way to mentally challenge your pet and enrich their lives. Make sure to keep an eye on them while they work, though. 
  3. Firm rubber toys: the best toys for all levels of chewers are firm rubber toys. Dogs especially love the feeling of biting a rubber toy and there’s much less of a chance of choking or an intestinal block. 

The Gifts that Keep on Giving

Pets love gifts just as much as people do, so giving them a safe, fun present during the holiday season is great for all involved! Before you get swept up by all of the fun gift ideas, make sure to look at the toy closely to see if any piece could be easily bitten off or unraveled. If it’s a treat, look for “easily digestible” on the packaging. We know your pet made it on Santa’s nice list, so make sure their new toys and treats do, too. 

Happy Holidays!

If you have questions about gifts for your pet or would like to book an appointment with an expert at Care First Animal Hospital, contact us today! From our Care First Animal Hospital family to yours, we hope your Holiday season is merry and bright! 

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