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5 Reasons You Should Treat Your Pet To The Spa

Consistently treating your dog or cat to the pet spa is key to keeping your furry friend looking, smelling and feeling good. Here are five reasons you should treat your pet to the spa. Regular professional grooming can benefit your pet and help them live a happy and healthy life.

Checking For Fleas and Ticks

Regular grooming allows for your pet to get routinely checked for potentially irritating and itchy fleas and ticks in hard-to-see places. Our well-trained and experienced grooming staff can detect fleas or ticks and provide flea treatments and refer you to one of our veterinarians that can help your pet feel comfortable again.

Healthier Coats with Less Shedding

Using the correct brush on your pet removes dead or damaged hair, allowing a healthy coat to grow underneath and keep the hair off of your floor. This helps keep your allergies at bay and the vacuum in the closet.

Regular brushing prevents knots from developing on the coat which avoids painful pinching on their skin along with ulcers and abrasions. In our feline friends especially, it helps prevent the formation of hairballs that can cause intestinal blockages. This interaction during grooming also provides an opportunity for early detection of irregular lumps and bumps. Professional pet grooming is one of the most effective ways to detect more serious health problems early.

Healthier Nails

Nail trimming is important to keep your dog or cat from developing potentially uncomfortable cracks and tears in the nails, and in older pets, poor posture and arthritis. Getting nails and claws stuck in carpet or other upholstery also poses a safety risk to our pets. However, it can be challenging to get your furry friend to sit still at home. Our groomers are experienced in keeping your pet calm and comfortable during the entire grooming experience.

Healthier Ears

Regular cleaning of your dog or cat’s ears removes the dirt and bacteria that can lead to painful ear infections or eventual hearing loss. During grooming, anything in your pet’s ears that looks red or swollen, or has any sign of mites or ticks, can be immediately shared with one of our veterinarians for further examination and treatment.

Happier Pet

A clean and healthy pet is a happy pet. Taking care of yourself is important to feel good, and the same goes for your dog or cat. Physical brushing and petting by our professionally trained groomers boost your pet’s mood and social interaction with other pets improves your pet’s social skills as well.

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