Dog & Puppy Training at Oberlin


In Doggie Day School, your dog works one-on-one with our professional dog trainers to help you with your training needs. Our trainers design your dogs training plan around your needs. If those needs are establishing basics behaviors, behavior modification, or keeping your dog mentally stimulated throughout the day, our trainers are here to help.  After each day school session, the trainer will write a report on what your dog learned that day and also give you some homework!


During our in-home training sessions, one of our professional dog trainers will come out to your house to work with you and your dog one-on-one. This can be especially helpful if you’re having trouble behaviors in the house, would like more personal attention, or want to start your puppy off with a good foundation. It is an excellent additional resource to the group classes and day school to get a full package of success for you and your dog.

Start Training Today

Call Oberlin to set up your training at 919-832-3107  or email our trainers at to learn more information about our training programs and pricing, or to book your first training session with us!

Meet Our Team

Lea Taylor

Lea Taylor-KPA-CTP

Lea started at Care First as a Vet Technician and quickly moved into the training department. She’s been training since 2018 and received her KPA-CTP in 2019.  She is fascinated by behavior and is passionate about making training effective + enjoyable for dogs and their handlers.

Kaylee Bulkowski

Kaylee Bulkowski is originally from Hollywood, Florida and joined the Care First family at 18 years old. After some time as an Animal Care Technician she realized her true passion for pet training. Once transitioned into her role in the Training Program she took a special interest in dog sports. 

She has a Siberian Husky named Venus as well as two cats named Eclipse and Nova. In her spare time she loves to hike and play video games.