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Pet Sitting in Raleigh, Cary, and Beyond

In-home pet sitting from our experienced animal lovers is a great alternative boarding option if you would prefer your animal stay in the comfort of your home. Learn more about our Raleigh & Cary pet sitting services below, or call any one of our 3 convenient locations to chat with one of our friendly staff members.

What to Expect from our Pet Sitting Services

Getting Started with a Complimentary In-Home Consultation

To ensure that we care for your pet in the best way possible, we like to come to you and talk through your scheduling preferences. Do you typically go for runs with your dog at 4am? Play at the park in the afternoon? Serve dinner at 6:00pm on the dot? No problem! Our caring staff is ready to meet any and all of your pet’s needs to keep their days consistent and enjoyable while you are away.

Our team is so great, we’ve even had pet parents tell us that how their pets actually seemed disappointed (just for a couple seconds of course) when they came in and the pet realized it wasn’t their new pet sitter friend!

Raleigh Dog Sitting & Cat Sitting

We are committed to giving you peace of mind while you’re away and giving your pet the love, care and exercise they normally receive. With Care First pet sitting, you and your pet will both enjoy a relaxing and pleasant vacation. To schedule dog or cat sitting in Raleigh, Cary and beyond, contact our team today!