Care First’s Play Facility

A chance for pups to play all day!

The compassionate animal care technicians at Care First understand the importance of giving your dog the opportunity to stretch their legs and socialize with others during the day. Our play facility is tailored to meet the needs of your pup, no matter if they’re a social butterfly or would rather play solo.

Play Facility Features

We’re proud to offer your dog a clean, and safe, place to play. Our play facility includes amenities like:

  • An abundance of toys
  • Plenty of turf space to run around in
  • Gates for safety
  • Shallow pools to cool down in during the summer
  • Plenty of stations for water
  • And more!

Typical Schedule

An average day at Care First’s Doggy Day Camp is anything but average. Each day is filled with time to run around and socialize with dogs of similar size or temperament. Our facility always has veterinarians on staff or on call so each and every pet is well taken care of in case of an emergency. Pups that come spend the day with us get two, hour-long play sessions, while those who are with us half of a day get one play session.

Doggy Daycare at Care First Animal Hospital


If your pet is uncomfortable socializing, we happily offer i-plays, or individual plays, where your dog can enjoy his or herself under the supervision of one of our experienced animal care technicians. These solo play sessions give your dog a chance to be by themselves, stress-free.

What Makes Us Different From Regular Kennels?

We’re unique from a regular kennel because we have veterinarians on staff or on call at all times to help with any emergencies that may arise. If your dog needs to be treated while they are with us, we can also schedule appointments for them to be seen during the day when you drop them off with us for Day Camp or boarding.

Book Your Pet for Doggy Daycare

Care First’s play facility is fully equipped to give your dog a fun experience with endless toys and plenty of space to run. If you’re ready to save your spot with us, feel free to give your nearest Care First location a call!