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Additional Services

At Care First Animal Hospital, we put you and your pet’s needs first. Our talented staff specializes in many aspects of animal care, including geriatric medicine, nutrition, pet identification and end of life care. Learn more about our additional services below and contact us with any questions!

Services we Offer

  • Nutrition – It’s extremely important that your pet is receiving the proper vitamins and minerals, no matter their age. Our veterinarians will create a custom diet plan to keep your pet on track.
  • Pet Identification – Care First Animal Hospital offers pet microchipping, which is an effective way identify your animal and bring them home should they ever get separated from you.
  • Geriatric Medicine – As your pet ages, it is crucial that they receive a high level of care that includes diagnostic testing, comprehensive blood panels, x-rays and more.
  • End of Life Care – Sometimes, end of life care is in the best interest of your pet and can be the most selfless thing you can do for your beloved friend. We’ll be with you and your pet every step of the way through the end of life process.

Well Rounded Care, Just for You

We’re proud to offer such a wide variety of services to ensure that your pet is continually happy and healthy. Please contact us if one of the services above would be beneficial for your furry friend.

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