What is Vimago?

The Vimago system is similar to a Computed Tomography (CT) scanner, but has a patented High Definition Volumetric Imaging (HDVI) technology that creates high resolution, detailed images in both 2D and 3D with very little radiation. This technology allows for greater detail and allows for improved diagnostic imaging, making it easier and faster to diagnose, and thus treat patients. The Vimago images of the skull (teeth and sinuses), bones (joints, backs), chest (lungs), abdomen (vasculature), and soft tissue or bony masses can be viewed in both 3D with the layers of the body removed electronically for easier visualization, or in the traditional 2D circular view. The unit also has built-in Fluoroscopy technology which creates a real-time radiograph in motion and can be used for many applications. For more information, call the office, or stop by for a tour!

Reasons Vimago Imaging is Recommended:

  • Dentistry
  • Skull / Sinuses
  • Tumors / Masses – identification and assessment
  • Trauma
  • Metastasis to chest and abdomen
  • Spinal / Joint abnormalities
  • Surgical planning

This technology is only available at the Care First Animal Hospital at Oberlin location.

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